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International Pet Travel Certificates

We can help you get a health certificate for your pet to travel just about anywhere in the world. There is a lot that goes into moving pets across any border and even more so if you are flying. 

Please make sure to contact the clinic as soon as you know that you are going to be traveling with your pet as we do schedule out for appointments.

We can help give you a rough timeline of requirements whether it is 3 weeks or 6+ months. The most important things to remember for pet travel is to have all of your pet’s records in one place to make it easier for your vet and airport customs to determine that your pet is clear to go. 

Our process for health certificates and what we need from you:

  1. New client form (if you are not an existing client)- see new client availability
  2. We need full medical records for your pet (s)
  3. Consultation fee- this fee includes; a technician looks through medical records, determines what requirements are needed for certain countries/airlines, consult (usually over the phone) with you about what steps need to be done for completion of the certificate.
  4. We will work closely with you to determine when your visits to the clinic need to be in regards to your travel departure date and import requirements.

The USDA maintains a website with great information on pet travel all around the world! 

Some steps that may be required for travel:

  • Microchip
  • Rabies Titers (FAVN)- Some common destinations that require this step; Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Australia, Guam, etc.
  • Parasite screening/treatments
  • Physical exam performed by a DVM

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