Laser Light Therapy

Isabel wearing her safety Doggles and happily waiting for her laser therapy session to begin at Petcetera Animal Clinic
Isabel wearing her safety Doggles and happily waiting for her laser therapy session to begin!

What is Laser Light Therapy?

 Companion Animal Laser Light Therapy is a non-drug, non-invasive application of light to promote blood flow, speed healing and assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation.  Using a particular light wavelength and specific delivered energy, laser light creates a direct effect on deep tissue structures and a cellular level.


The word “laser” stands for Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation.  Its Canine laser therapy diagramtherapy is prescribed by your Veterinarian as a part of his/her health and treatment regimen.  It can be applied to a large spectrum of common aliments including; painful/swollen areas of the body, arthritis, wounds, fractures, post operative incision sites, hair loss, ear infections (otitis externa) and certain abdominal or thoracic disorders.  In many instances, laser light therapyFeline laser therapy treatment diagram is used for multiple ailments in conjunction with your pets current medications as an added benefit.




Even though there are very limited adverse effects to laser light therapy, there are a few contraindications to its use.  It is not applied directly to; cancerous tumors or growths, the thyroid gland or cornea of the eye or to any pet taking photosensitive medications.  Some animals do experience minor fatigue post application.  Most acclimate very quickly to the laser’s short, calming/warming and non-painful experience. Watch videos of a therapy laser session here.

Golden retriever during laser therapy

If you think that laser light therapy can benefit your pet, please feel free to open the discussion with your Veterinarian.  Our goal is to create the best and most effective treatment plan for your pets specific medical needs.  When your pets are happy, healthy and comfortable, so are we!


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