Effective Immediately

We will be making changes to our patient care after hours. Red River Animal Emergency Hospital (RRAEH) in Fargo is a Level 2 Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Facility. RRAEH is fully staffed 24/7 and able to provide critical care to the patients in our region. Petcetera, Kindness Animal Hospital, Peterson’s Veterinary Clinic, and Grand Valley Animal Hospital will now be utilizing this facility for the overnight emergency care of our patients.

From the hours of 9 PM until 8 AM, calls will be forwarded to RRAEH for emergency consultation and care. This change will allow our staff to recuperate overnight and be rested and ready to help our patients during the daytime hours. We realize that all change is hard and this is less convenient. However, this change allows your pet to receive the level of care needed in an emergency situation with a full veterinary staff at the ready. RRAEH may be contacted at 701-478-9299.

Calls to the above clinics in Grand Forks/East Grand Forks between the hours of 8 AM-9 PM will be answered by the doctor on-call. Calls made after 9 PM and before 8 AM will be forwarded to RRAEH.

Thank you for your understanding as we make this transition. (Updated policy 8/2/2022)

Whether you have an emergency during regular office hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) OR outside of office hours, please call our regular office number:

(701) 775-0549

We share emergency calls with Kindness Animal Hospital (Grand Forks), Grand Valley Animal Hospital (Grand Forks), and Peterson Veterinary Clinic (East Grand Forks). If one of our Doctors is not on call, the other Doctors will be able to assist you.

In the event of an emergency, it is very important you call and talk with the Doctor on duty before leaving to bring your pet to a hospital because you need to make sure you are going to the correct hospital on call for that day.

  • The veterinarian on call is often times very busy or sometimes may be treating a critical case or be in surgery.
  • If the veterinarian has not called you back in 10 – 15 minutes you need to call again.
  • If for some reason the veterinarian can’t be contacted or can’t see your pet in a timely manner another alternative is the:

Red River Animal Emergency Clinic in Fargo, ND
701-478-9299 https://www.rraeh.com/ | Map

Contact a veterinarian immediately if your pet has:
  • any injury that appears serious, involving continuous pain and lameness
  • been hit by a vehicle
  • lost consciousness
  • tremors or seizures
  • loss of balance or is staggering
  • penetrating wounds, especially in the chest and/or abdomen
  • uncontrolled bleeding
  • bloated abdomen
  • difficulty breathing
  • difficulty urinating or defecating
  • not been able to deliver puppies or kittens especially after being in labor for more than an hour
  • burns from heat or chemicals
  • swallowed an object, but can still breathe
  • continuous and/or bloody vomit and/or diarrhea
Contact a veterinarian to bring your pet in soon if he/she has:
  • difficulty breathing, but still eats and drinks and does not appear frantic
  • diarrhea and/or been vomiting, without blood or pain and not continuous
  • been excessively drinking and/or urinating, without blood, pain or discomfort
  • suddenly went lame and/or has discomfort in walking
  • been itching
  • abnormal odor from any part of the body
  • any injury that is not life-threatening

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