Petcetera Animal Clinic

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Fun September Dates!

National Service Dog Month

Animal Pain Awareness Month

Responsible Dog Ownership Month

  1. National Wildlife Day – September 4
  2. National Iguana Awareness Day – September 8
  3. National Pet Memorial Day – September 10
  4. National Elephant Appreciation Day – September 22
  5. National Deaf Dog Awareness Week – September 24-30
  6. Sea Otter Awareness Week – September 24-30
  7. National Farm Safety & Health Week – September 24-30
  8. World Rabies Day – September 28


Petcetera Animal Clinic Mission Statement:

We at Petcetera strive to work with our pet owners to achieve a healthy, rewarding life for our patients.  Qualified compassionate care will be demonstrated throughout the pet’s life.  We aim to treat your pet as we would treat our own animals and to establish a lifelong doctor-patient relationship. We always emphasize preventative medicine to be proactive with your pet’s health.

By using updated technology, we educate our clients on the newest treatments, procedures, and products.  We encourage questions and will invariably take as much time as necessary until our clients feel informed about possible ailments, available diagnostics, and recommended treatment plans.

In order to complete our mission, we believe strong relationships with our patients, clients, and referral veterinarians are essential.  Our ultimate goal is to give our owners and their pets a long happy life together.