Building View

Exterior of Petcetera Animal Clinic facility
Petcetera’s State of the Art Facility

The new Petcetera building was completed in August 1998. It is a one story, 5000 sq. foot clinic located at the south end of Grand Forks.

Reception Area

The reception desk has three computers to ensure fast and efficient help.

We sell pet foods, dental and grooming products, medication and accessories.

Brochures on pet health and pet products are also available.

Exam Rooms

Pet exam room at Petcetera Animal Clinic
Petcetera’s Exam Rooms offer an inviting, safe atmosphere for patients and their owners


Computers are installed in our exam rooms to allow fast and efficient service.

Anatomical models offer educational tools for the owners.

Pharmacy and Laboratory

Petcetera Animal Clinic lab


Our pharmacy has numerous medications available and a wide selection of prescription diet foods.

We can also have medications compounded to increase palatability and ease of administration.


Our laboratory allows us to perform several in-house tests including CBCs, blood chemistries, and SNAP tests.

Microscope equipment at Petcetera Animal Clinic
Filled with State of the Art Technology

Referral laboratory tests are also available with a quick turnaround time.


Microscopic samples are analyzed in-house and can be sent for review by a pathologist.


Treatment Area

Pet treatment area at Petcetera Animal Clinic
Treatment Area

Tables with washing areas and adjustable lights allow for proper treatment and care.

A large open area gives us room to move freely and also keeps animals at a distance from each other.

Reference texts and published journals are found on our shelves to aid in treating numerous problems in a variety of animals. Surgical equipment is sanitized here as well.

ICU Area

Pet ICU at Petcetera Animal Clinic



Patients whose condition is more critical or who need additional monitoring are placed in our ICU area.

A technician is nearby to monitor for any changes regarding each patient’s status.


Radiograph Area

Digital Radiography equipment at Petcetera Animal Clinic
Digital Radiography


Our digital radiograph system allows X-rays to be viewed within minutes.

With this system, Doctors can quickly diagnose problems and send the radiographs of complex cases for referral.

Dental Room

Pet dental exam room at Petcetera Animal Clinic
Dental Exam Room for Comprehensive Oral Assessments


We have a room devoted just to performing dental work, which gives the patient his/her own table, anesthetic machine and monitoring equipment.

We also have a digital dental radiograph machine for an intra-oral assessment of tooth roots.

Surgery Room

Petcetera Animal Clinic Surgical suite
Surgical Suite

The surgery room contains two surgical tables that can tilt and be vertically moved.

Both surgical tables are equipped with CO2 lasers that help control bleeding and pain associated with surgery.

Dr. Lord performing a general procedure on an animal
Dr. Lord performing a general procedure on one of our patients!


Anesthetic machines, pulse oximeters, electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitoring, and computers assist in making sure pets are closely monitored during surgical procedures.

Adequate open area gives us room to move freely.


There are several areas with kennels to accommodate different species, ages, sizes and health conditions.

The kennels offer patients and guests a comfortable and spacious indoor accommodation.

Separate kennels for dogs, cats, critical patients, and an isolation area help keep spaces calmer and safer for hospitalized patients.

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