Local Info And Regulations

Grand Forks Humane Society:

Circle of Friends Humane Society Animal Shelter
(701) 775-3732
4375 N Washington St.
Grand Forks, ND, 58203

Grooming Businesses, Pet Stores, and Pet Supply Stores:

Contact the Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce
(701) 772-7271
Or call us at (701) 775-0549

City Limit Regulations:

Grand Forks Police Department Animal Control Officers:
(701) 787-8000

Leash Law

All dogs must be kept under restraint either by leash or in an enclosure, even on your own property.

Pooper-Scooper Law

Feces must be immediately cleaned up and disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Barking Dog Law

It is illegal to own a dog that makes noises to the extent of disturbing people.

Cat or Dog at Large

Animals moving about without the owner are subject to impoundment.

Number of Dogs Per Household

In a single family dwelling, you can have 6 animals, of which only three can be dogs 6-months of age and older.

Dog or Cat in Heat

These must be confined to avoid public disturbance.


Any dog or cat suspected of having rabies that bites a person or another animal will be impounded not less than ten days at the owner’s expense.  In the case of an animal having to be euthanized or passing away during quarantine time rabies testing is required by law and is also at the owner’s expense.

License Fees

This applies to any dog or cat over 6-months of age. The license is due January 1st and must be renewed every year.


Both license and rabies tags must be worn at all times.

The city of Grand Forks requires rabies immunizations on dogs and cats every 3 years.

The Grand Forks Air Force Base requires rabies immunizations every 3 years.