Lyme Disease & Prevention

Lyme Disease & Prevention   Introduction to Lyme Disease: Lyme disease is one of three common vector-borne diseases that affects not only animals but also humans. This disease is transmitted by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is considered a zoonotic … Continue reading

The Easter Bunnies

Rabbit Care Easter is upon us and with that comes it’s furry little mascot “The Easter Bunny”. Some people are tempted to purchase a rabbit for themselves or their children this time of the year. However, having a domesticated rabbit … Continue reading

Pet Dental Month is Here!

February is National Pet Dental Month! Proper dental care is an important aspect of our pet’s overall health and well-being. Gingivitis, resorptive lesions, and missing or fractured teeth are common causes of inappetence, pain, and bad breath in our pets. … Continue reading

Why are vaccinations for my puppy so important?

  Canine Parvovirus Vaccination is a key component of preventative medicine in dogs, just as in people, and it starts with their puppy vaccinations. One of the core vaccinations for dogs is for the prevention of Parvovirus.  Vaccinations for parvo … Continue reading

Hot Dogs! Hyperthermia and Heat Stroke

Hot Dogs! Hyperthermia and Heat Stroke With beautiful summer days come fun in the sun. However, fun can quickly turn to disaster when our pets overheat. Our beloved furry friends can quickly succumb to heat stroke and it can prove … Continue reading

Foreign Body Ingestion

Foreign Body Ingestion Our pets are very curious about objects in and around the house. They can often be found chewing on and ingesting things they shouldn’t, and if they are not watched carefully these foreign bodies may end up … Continue reading