Pet Products

Pet Products Over the Counter

Petcetera has a wide assortment of over the counter products for you and your pet. Products are located in the lobby of our clinic for you to view and shop through. If you have any questions about which product is right for your pet, our knowledgeable staff can help. Please see below for information about each of our pet products.

Behavior Modification

Gentle Leader®

gentle leader

“Tired of your dog taking you for a walk?” You may wish to purchase the Gentle Leader®. The nose loop allows you to guide your dog but does not act as a muzzle while the neck strap positioned high on the neck keeps pressure on the back and not the throat, so it will not choke. With the Gentle Leader®, results can be seen in minutes:

  • stops the pulling and lunging sometimes associated with regular leash wearing
  • prevents jumping
  • teaches “sit”
  • controls barking
  • can be used to manage other behavioral problems



Ssscat ™


If your cat likes to go on kitchen counters, dig in household plants, or go into other off-limit areas, Ssscat ™ may teach your cat that certain behaviors are not acceptable. This device can be positioned up and down and at fifteen different angles. Once you have it adjusted, it will detect movement up to three feet away. First a warning sound will go off, and if the movement continues, a burst of odorless air is released. The air will distract your cat from venturing any farther, and soon he will associate the warning sound with the unpleasant burst of air. It can be used on other small animals as well. Click here for a quicktime video clip to see this is in action (from

For-bid ™

for bid

Although an unpleasant site, it is somewhat common for dogs to eat feces. This product is useful to stop this coprophagic behavior.





These chew toys are a great way to entertain your dog, and they also reduce tartar buildup and help with separation anxiety.

Kong® has several different toys for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and other animals.

We carry a limited variety, so check out their web site for more products.

Bathing & Grooming



Epi-Soothe shampoos and conditioners are anti-itching and moisturizing to help relieve dry, itchy, sensitive skin. They also help prevent tangles and make the hair coat more manageable. They are for dogs and cats of any age.


Allegroom shampoo is a hypoallergenic, restoring routine shampoo for dry seborrhea.


Pearlescent grooming shampoo is deep cleaning to make the hair coat more manageable on dogs and cats.


Flea & Tick Shampoo P³ is a sensitive skin formula shampoo that kills adult fleas and ticks on contact while moisturizing the coat with aloe vera, lanolin, and coconut extract.


Shampoo is mild, yet formulated to eliminate skunk odor.

Ear Cleaners


ear cleaners

Epi-Otic can be used on dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. It cleanses and dries and has a fresh apple fragrance.


Nolvasan is a general cleaner for dogs and cats to remove debris from the ears.

Hairball Prevention & Control

Laxatone® tuna flavored lubricant eliminates and prevents hair balls.

Henry Schein® cat laxative is also used for cat hair balls.





Resco® nail trimmers are for cats and small, medium, and large sized dogs.

Kwik-Stop® powder controls bleeding caused by nail clipping, beak trimming, and minor cuts. It can be used on dogs, cats, and birds.

Get your pet’s hair off of you with the Evercare pic-up sticky roller. We also sell the adhesive refills.



Pesticide Products

Adams ™ flea and tick mist kills fleas, lice, and ticks and temporarily repels flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. It can be used for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittepesticide productsns.

Mycodex® Plus Environmental Control ™ aerosol household spray kills all stages of the flea life cycle and also kills ticks, roaches, ants, spiders, lice, crickets, centipedes, waterbugs, silverfish, and sowbugs.

Be very careful when using pesticide products! Make sure to follow directions exactly. Use only products on cats designed for cats as they are very sensitive to pesticides!

Dental Care

C.E.T. Dental®

c.e.t. dental

This company has available many dental care products for dogs and cats. We carry chews, rinses, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. To learn more about C.E.T. Dental® and the importance of dental hygiene in your dog or cat, ask us for a brochure or visit their web site.



Greenies® not only provides a healthy way to give treats, but they also help with dental care and digestibility. They have been shown to reduce mouth odors and oral bacteria, control dental tartar, and strengthen gums. All ingredients are highly digestible, and actually can increase digestibility of other dog foods in the intestine. Greenies® also is very tasty to dogs and satisfies their natural tendency to chew.

Enzadent ™

We carry dental chews and poultry and malt flavored Enzadent ™ toothpaste and fingerbrush kits for dogs and cats.

Puppy and Kitten Formulas

PetAg® makes milk replacers for puppies and kittens. They contain natural milk proteins fortified with vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth.




We have PET FOODS available:

(for prescription patients)
royal canin
Royal Canin TM
(for prescription patients)