Pet Links

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)
The AAFP is a professional organization of veterinarians, and so this web site has information for both the general public and veterinary staff. There are links to interesting cat sites, such as a National Geographic cat feature, feline genetics, the role of cats in ancient Egypt, and more. In addition, there are links to other professional organizations.

American Animal Hospital Association’s Healthy Pet
Ever wonder why your dog licks you? If your cat’s hair shedding is a sign of a health problem? How to tell if your parakeet is male or female? The AAHA’s Healthy Pet answers these and many more questions regarding small animals. This web site covers dogs, cats, and exotics and offers information on behavior, health problems and diseases, nutrition, pet care tips, preventative care, and more.

Image result for akcAmerican Kennel Club (AKC)
This is a good web site to visit if you are considering purchasing a dog. The AKC gives valuable information for future dog owners about evaluating your readiness, and how to buy and find a dog that best suits you (the breed list offers photos, description, and temperament qualities). Present dog owners can learn about grooming, boarding, and other health information. You can even read about homeowner’s insurance.

Image result for aspca poison controlAnimal Poison Control Center (APCC)
APCC is part of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). It is a toll-free number open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To learn more, go to this web site. You can also find a list of toxic and nontoxic plants, what to do for a poisoned animal, and how to poison-proof your home. Also check out ASPCA’s main web site.

Image result for avmaAmerican Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
This web site includes information for members and nonmembers. Visit the press release section and learn about public health, animal health and welfare, and the veterinary medical profession. There also is a general pet section and a kids’ activity


Image result for cdcCenter for Disease Control’s Healthy Pets Healthy People
This web site addresses zoonoses – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people. Learn about diseases of birds, dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, horses, farm animals, and wildlife. Pocket pet information (guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.) will be coming soon. When you become informed of the health risks associated with owning and caring for animals, you will be better aware of your pet’s health as well as your own.

Hill’s PetImage result for hill's nutrition Nutrition
Search this web site to see how important nutrition is to your pet. Learn about various Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® foods, look at a daily feeding guide, and get offered coupons and free samples. In addition, read about some health issues and tour the “fun stuff” site, which has photo contest winners and a fun quiz.


Image result for house rabbit societyHouse Rabbit Society

Included on this extensive site are nutrition guidelines, litter training tips, answers to behavioral questions, and housing requirements. They also have a journal with an array of rabbit-related topics.

Image result for humane society of the united statesHumane Society of the United States
Are you in college, expecting a baby, or in a military family and have a pet? Do you want to know about pet adoption or choosing the right cat? Maybe you are curious about state legislation involving animals, or you’d like to learn more about a common wildlife species. This web site is filled with news releases and articles to answer these questions, along with many other inquiries.

Melissa Kaplan’s Herpetology Care
This web site is filled with information on a variety of exotic species, including green iguanas, amphibians, and snakes. Topics covered range from behavior to zoonoses (diseases that can be spread from one species to the next) and from serious articles to humorous passages.

Image result for purinaPurina
This web site has nutritional information for dogs and cats. Also learn about a Healthy Steps plan to help you and your dog stay fit together or scroll through some frequently asked pet questions.

Image result for royal caninRoyal Canin
This web site advertises its many nutritional foods for dogs and cats. Also check out information on the French company’s global industry or read about the history of some dog breeds.

Veterinary Partner
This is one web site you should check out. It is filled with information on animal health, behavior, safety, surgery, medications, and therapies for dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles, and birds. There are also some articles on large animals. And, if your question doesn’t get answered, just send an email to “Ask a vet” and you will get it personally answered. Veterinary Partner provides “up-to-date information from veterinarians and experts through the Veterinary Information Network, the first and largest online veterinary database.” It is designed to assist veterinarians in helping educate their client.