New Clients


Are you new to Grand Forks?

Go to our Local Information/Regulations page. The Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce link provides information on area education, health care, recreation, art and culture, real estate, business, industry, and agriculture.


Thinking of adopting a pet?

Check out the Grand Forks Humane Society link at our Local Info./Reg. page.


Will you be living in city limits?

Our Local Info./Reg. page also has city limit regulations (rabies vaccinations are required every three years in the city and at the Grand Forks Air Force Base).


Don’t know how to get to Petcetera Animal Clinic?

Our Location/Map page can show you. You can certainly give us a call, too.

On your first visit to our clinic, we will have you fill out a “new client” sheet. Click here to download and fill out to save time! (PDF)